Finally, a first-person shooter arena made out of LEGOs

Writing in The Atlantic, author Christine Gross-Loh was unsettled by how quickly young boys turn to guns for free play:

Then my firstborn went to a birthday party. In the goodie bags for these four-year-olds was a plastic toy gun. My son was utterly riveted. I tried to coax it away from him. “Bang bang!” he shouted, running around with the other kids. Just days later my shy little two year old fixated upon a toy sword that came with a pirate toy someone had given him, and would not go anywhere without it. I could see that the ludicrously small sword made him feel brave. I tried (unsuccessfully) to pry it out of his tiny hands. That he liked the weapon so much deeply unnerved me.

Gross-Loh changes her mind, but for parents not yet ready to make a compromise, we have a workaround.

“Cashed,” a level designer at Digital Extremes, put together an inventive and colorful new map for Counter-Strike: Go that plucks at one of our favorite worlds of play: LEGO. Because nothing says childhood like shooting actual guns in a digital environment.