A VR treadmill that (potentially) doesn’t want to kill you

In the increasingly crowded market for home omni-directional treadmills, there is one that doesn’t look like a form of mind-washing reconditioning at a terrorist training camp. Recently on display at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo, the Infinadeck is a frameless, treaded walking machine that seemingly allows you to move around naturally. 

That isn’t always the case, as we’ve seen with the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Virtuix Omni, two similar VR peripherals that turn the natural act of perambulating into a circus performance within hoops and railing. But the Infinadeck is far from perfect in its current prototype state. Currently it requires a manual operator, and is reportedly extremely loud. Another concern: it looks like you could easily step off the edge and turn an ankle while have sensory-depriving mask strapped to your face. But that’s the risk one takes to not look like a fool in virtual reality.