Find peace with Sodzen, a game about watering a plant

I kill nearly every plant I touch, and over the years, I’ve wasted so much money on every plant imaginable in the hopes of finding the one species that can withstand my black thumb. But only now, with Sodzen, have I finally found my perfect plant.

Sodzen is a low resolution, highly pixelated game submitted for #LowRezJam by Ottawa-based team SweetHeart Squad, which includes Sean LeBlanc, Ryan Bluth, Emma Thurlow, Cat Wong, Michael Hetman, and Ian Martin. The goal of Sodzen is simple: water the plant. You don’t have to water several plants (there is only a single plant), or plant seeds (the plant is ready for you) or expand your garden (the game takes place in a room with nothing but a table and the plant). New-age, meditative music plays in the background; fitting for a little one-on-one time with your favorite pixelated plant.


With a click of the mouse, you water the plant, which comprises green blades that lengthen into vibrant stalks. In goes water, out goes plant. When you don’t water it, the plant starts to wither. But you simply water it once more and presto! It’s lush and green again.


Time doesn’t exist in Sodzen: it’s just you, your plant, and the pail full of water because you literally can’t interact with anything else. It’s a zen garden, if you will. And the best part is, you can’t over-water your plant and kill it, and even if it withers, you merely water it again like nothing happened. There are no mistakes to be made, no way to lose, no way to waste hundreds of dollars on succulents that will inevitably dry up and end in your garbage. Sodzen is like a gentle reminder that, sometimes, the effort you put into something is exactly what you’ll get out of it, and that feels pretty soothing.

You can download Sodzen over on