Finger Simulator will delight and disgust you

This year, the Fantoche Animation Festival in Baden, Switzerland asked Michael Frei and Mario von Rickenbach to create a trailer for this year’s event. And what a trailer they made.

Finger Simulator ertainly has fingers. What it’s simulating, however, is my waking nightmares, animated by Don Hertzfeld. There are fingers. They have wants, desires, and needs. You just shape them. Wait until you get to the O.

It’s all over in about two minutes. Frei and Rickenbach are playing with the trope of simulators that have ravaged the world of games as of late. But more importantly, it fits neatly into the creators’ larger work. Michael Frei studied animation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and his previous short Plug & Play (below) was drawn with a single finger. Mario von Rickenbach is a Swiss game designer created Krautscape and Playlist pick Drei.

You can try Finger Simulator here. The Fantoche Animation Festival takes place September 2-7. Fingers not included.