PSA: Flappy Bird creator has other games to get addicted to, write thinkpieces about

The reaction and the reaction to the reaction to Flappy Bird continues to mystify. But what we should really care about are games, not online circuses. Right? So, let’s talk games.

It just so happens Dong Nguyen has made a few more of those, two of which are still available for free on iTunes: Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling. Both are pretty much what you’d expect, seeming to exist somewhere in the city you see in the distance while doing all that flapping. Of course, both are incredibly difficult. And both are pretty solid, in their way.

Shuriken Block is the more adventurous of the two, depicting five miniature feudal warriors with throwing stars raining down on them. You must tap them in the millisecond before a shuriken lodges into their skulls. It’s sort of like Missile Command meets Rhythm Heaven, which aren’t bad touchstones. 

Super Ball Juggling lacks the brain-splattering sound effects of Shuriken Block, but it’s basically the same idea, with two footballers juggling a soccer ball in the air. I can’t last longer than ten seconds in either of them, which means Flappy Bird advocates should relish them.