Foxconn suicides remembered in this iOS game

Foxconn, the company that makes iPhones, iPads, and most gaming consoles, doesn’t have the best history. In 2010, 14 employees committed suicide due to terrible working conditions. The iOS game In a Permanent Save State imagines their afterlives. Kate Cox at Kotaku reports:

Like Molleindustria’s Phone Story before it, In a Permanent Save State seeks to make Western audiences—gamers and device owners—think harder and more carefully about their gadgets. Where does an iPhone really come from, and what are the consequences of its creation?

These are the questions Poynter wants audiences to ask. The game is being released in tandem with an art exhibit examining the same ideas.

Is the game meant to cause guilt in any iOS user? The trailer is ambiguous.

In a Permanent Save State (A Serious [Mobile] Game) – Release Teaser from Benjamin Poynter on Vimeo.