The legal right to disappear from the Internet is now a reality

The Internet has a bad habit of enshrining your most cringeworthy moments, like that time you got wasted at Sea World and some jerk took a snapshot. Or was that me? But the website makes it easy and convenient to erase embarrassing information and photos from the Web, so you can limit what pops up for others to see when they search on Google.

The way the site works is that you simply sign in, find the unflattering links that you want to be removed, and submit them. To increase your chances of success of getting your negative or outdated data removed, includes cut-and-paste legalese to properly explain your reasoning to the powers that be at Google. It will even keep you up to date with the status of your request. Google has reportedly already begun scrubbing the Internet of these memories.

Online privacy and the right to be forgotten on the Net has been a hot button topic lately, with rulings against revenge porn in Germany, and other European courts finding harmful information like bad reviews and criminal conduct shouldn’t appear in search results if the subject doesn’t want them to be. Sites like these should make the Internet a lot less nosy. 

Header image of Invisible Woman vs Atom via JD Hancock