Oh look, a soccer videogame with guns

How do you get Americans to love soccer? Put a bunch of guns in it! That’s a bad joke, but it’s also a pretty good introduction to Supraball, an awesome-looking first-person shooter soccer game for PC. 

Despite how that genre mash-up of shooter/sports game makes it sound, you’re not mowing down Nazi midfielders with sub-machine guns and doing bicycle kicks. The guns in Supraball are of the non-lethal variety, only launching soccer balls across the pitch with bullet-speed and deadly accuracy, allowing you to pass, score, and trip from the familiar perspective of behind a gun. 

Games that go nuts with the rules of sports are welcome. There’s been a long drought of great arcade-y sports games, like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz and Mutant League Football. This looks like it could fill that niche for soccer just in time for The World Cup.

If you like what you see in the trailer below, you can download the latest build from the team’s blog.