Free fall to your heart’s content in Downwell

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Downwell (PC, Mac

BY Moppin

In most games, falling is essentially akin to certain death. Step an inch over the edge, and the void is there to swallow you up and take some of your health along with it. But in Downwell, falling is the exact opposite of an abyss. It is everything: life, death, and all else in between. In this vertical shoot-em-up, you must find the wherewithal to fight ghoulish monsters and gather resources while you free fall down a seemingly endless well (is the name making more sense now?). But your time in Downwell is more than just frantic. The darkness of the well is offset by the adorable character animations and an exceedingly confident execution that can charm even the most acrophobic players. Coupled with its nostalgic aesthetic and soundscape provided by Spelunky musician Eirik Suhrke, you’ll find yourself falling for Downwell in more ways than one.

Perfect for: Tom petty fans, shoot-em-uppers, sky divers

Playtime: From twenty minutes to several hours