Frogger recreated with real-life NYC traffic sans real frogs.


An industrious team of arcade-loving programmers finally have created the lifelong dream of bringing Frogger into being. I was always curious how an actual frog would fare in actual traffic. (Actually I haven’t.) There’s no real frog but I will say that 5th and 17th is no place for an amphibian. From MAKE:

In honor of the classic video game Frogger on its 30th birthday, my friend Tyler DeAngelo conceived a version of the game that uses a webcam to track the live position of actual cars on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Those positions are used as obstacles that the poor 8-bit frog must avoid in order to cross the street. 5th Ave Frogger uses an arcade cabinet from the original version of the game and it can be switched back into classic mode if you want to play the original game (for instance, when the traffic on Fifth Avenue makes gameplay too difficult).

Too difficult! If you’ve ever watched New York City pedestrians cross the street, then you know nothing is too dangerous for a man with a simple outraised hand and no health insurance.