The fun card-game alternative to Modern Warfare and its bloated ilk

Jonathan H. Liu over at Geekdad has a nice writeup of the Kickstarter-funded SKIRMISH: Modern Card Warfare, which he calls a blend of Stratego and War (though he does take a lot of potshots at poor, innocent War. Sounds like a guy who might not be too good at War):

I think what I like about the game is the way it recalls Stratego, with the flag and bombs and spies, but it’s a much quicker, more portable game without all the setup time. Granted, it’s less strategic — there’s no movement, no planning on where you’re going to hide your flag, no maneuvering your spy around to get to the opponent’s Marshal without getting picked off by a lowly Scout. However, the speed and ease of play make it a great stand-in when you don’t have the time or space for a full game of Stratego.