This game’s vector-drawn megacities are just gorgeous

Vektropolis is a cyberspace-y visual orgy of a crosshair shooter. What’s particularly impressive is the level of details in the vector graphics, which back in the day only rendered crude outlines of tanks killing tanks and stuff. Yeah, these are simulated vectors, but this is pretty much what your modern open-world game like Watch_Dogs would look like if those cool, primitive, fractured vectors—which were sketched by actual lasers across the darkened recesses of an upright cabinet—had survived the arcade extinction. You can see individual grass blades, explosions like an obscene plasma lightning ball, and masses of people roaming the streets in the video. Albeit the people resemble walking crime-scene drawings when zoomed close-in, but that’s still pretty awesome for vectors. 

The game is currently being Kickstarted by a couple of old-school game programmers from the UK. Where do I insert my quarters?