A game exhibit in Israel, Notch opens up his heart, and Animal Crossing this summer

(Above, BioShock Infinite’s alternative cover art.)

In recognition of all things that scroll to the right (Nike Fuel bands notwithstanding), a bunch of rad people (including Kill Screen!) are hosting a game exhibition in the holy land. No, not Columbia. Israel. 

The New Yorker blogged the most heartfelt profile on Notch you’ll see. And we’re jealous!

(And if you happen to subscribe, do yourself a favor and check out this article on childhood piano lessons by a classically-trained pianist, some of the most elegant writing on the clash between practice and play I’ve seen.)

An eulogy in black and white for LucasArts, by a former employee. R.I.P. LeChuck.

A poker game from Telltale where you play as Max (of LucasArt’s Sam and Max) should dry those wet eyes. C.M. Coolidge, eat your heart out.

Hate Plus, the sequel to Christine Love’s visual novel about feminism and K-pop A.I.s, is coming. Should be fab. 

A study reveals the depraved thoughts of gamers: cheating is better than crying, badass bad guys are better than cardboard bad guys, and Link is an inspiration for standing up to bullies.

“There’s something really pretty about nature reclaiming it’s domain once we are gone.” Naughty Dog on The Last of Us seriously reminds us of our interview with Alan Weisman, the author of The World Without Us, for the upcoming issue!

And if apocalypses aren’t you’re thing, there’s this:

Stay young!