Game Hack Day NYC Round Up: Twitter x Tetris, a twist on fantasy baseball, & Street Fighter meets the photobooth

The first Game Hack Day sponsored by NYHacker took place this past weekend at General Assembly. Kudos to John Britton for putting it all together and gathering the sponsors (Riot Games) along with reserving the space. Around 20 teams hacked for just over 24 hours and resulting in new friendships, new ideas, but most importantly, new games.

Here are a few of the standouts and Game Hack Day voters choice:

Predict a Ball is the ace up every fantasy baseball manager’s sleeve. It’s a platform for predicting baseball statistics based on real-time data within a given time frame. Now you can pick up that prospect who is going to help your fantasy team win big.

Foursquare + World of Warcraft = World of Fourcraft! Create teams and challenge old and new friends in an all or nothing battle to control the neighborhoods of NYC. Think you and your friends have what it takes to control a neighborhood, well try conquering an entire borough. 

A new take on an old classic, Cloud Assassin riffs on a college campus classic ’Assassin’, whereby all players are equipped with a squirt gun and the objective is to ‘squirt’ (gross) the other players. Players are eliminated once they have been shot by another player and the last person standing is the victor. Cloud Assassin was a hack first conceptualized at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon. Instead of a squirt gun, players are equipped with their mobile phones, and players are eliminated when another player snaps a photo of them.

Twetris was also a crowd favorite which, if you couldn’t guess by the name, is a mashup between Twitter and Tetris. Each tetris shape is comprised of blocks of twitter users. The game automatically follows the people in those blocks as you stack and arrange them. Eleminiate a line, unfollow all those people in the blocks. This is – at least to our knowledge – as accurate a version of “working in social media” as we have seen. These guys are onto a goldmine if they can get some Social Media Experts to evangelize to their mass user community platforms. 

The people’s choice winner, Hadokam, is a take on the fighting game genre with a cathartic twist. The concept: Street Figther IV mashed with a photo-booth game. Take a picture. Choose your character. Challenge a friend. Now you control your own fate as you battle it out in a personalized version of Street Fighter IV. Best use of Video winnerYourFace has a similar concept.

Developer Frank Denbow noted on his Facebook page that his favorite moment was when the fellow from Uchoos.  An audience member commented that the presenter should use  ”something better than a robot voice if you want to use it for phone sex”. (Uchoos is  phone based choose your own adventure game)  The presenter responded that it was actually a recording of my voice.

Check out the wiki for links and more info on some of the other teams and games.

-Adrian Sanders with Max Caraballo reporting.