Play a new videogame that looks like a storybook

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Burly Men At Sea (Windows, Mac, iOS)


Burly Men at Sea takes joy in the simple things in life. As the titular three burly men, you explore everything from a sleepy seaside village to the inside of a whale’s belly. The story unfurls like a fable, with each peculiar scenario you encounter rich with metaphor. Alongside its clean, Scandinavian aesthetic, the game makes use of a vignette mechanic that requires you to click and drag to see more of the world. All of this, combined with the dialogue screens, sees the game take on a delightful storybook quality. Enjoy a folktale of both epic and human proportions—but watch out for those sirens, who are presumably the leading cause of death for brawny seamen with bushy beards.

Perfect for: Storytellers, folklorists, nymphs

Playtime: 2-3 hours