Jeff Minter’s new Vita game furthers his obsession with Tempest

Jeff Minter’s legacy is shaping up to be that guy who took Tempest and pushed it to its rave-y, trance-inducing, crystalline extreme. That, or sheep. We see this with TxK, coming later in February, which, well, looks like bliss. (He apologized for the trailer’s compressed video quality, which will look much crisper on a pristine Vita screen.) 

There’s an epic long-read of the evolution of TxK on his blog, which began when he did an official sequel way back with Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar, then, evolving into the Xbox Arcade exclusive Space Giraffe, then this.

This is good for all kind of reasons: because Tempest should never be forgotten; because the Vita needs more cool games; because Minter is a great developer but maybe needed some focus. Hopefully, Sony will sponsor a sequel to Minotaur Rescue next.