The game that gives abortion counseling

Imagine you’re a pregnant Mexican woman and you’ve made the tough the decision that you don’t want to keep your child. The majority of the population is Catholic, it’s essentially illegal to get an abortion and very difficult to get any kind of information or safe procedures to terminate a pregnancy. What do you do? Maybe you play a game. Karen Gardiner:

¿No Te Baja? which translates as Missed Your Period? makes use of bright colors, engaging cartoon characters and relatable, non-technical, language to inform and guide users through the steps they can take to terminate a pregnancy using Misoprostol. The website takes the form of an interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure style game, where users click through to different scenarios that change according to their own personal situation and decisions.

Users of ¿No Te Baja?, through the actions of Claudia and her boyfriend, go through each detailed step of the process of self-administering a medication abortion: from the initial pregnancy test to the decision whether or not to involve the partner; the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy to calculating gestational age to indicate whether or not use of Misoprostol will be effective—and if it will be safe to self-administer.

This game doesn’t make light of abortion (from what my limited Spanish knowledge leads me to believe), but presents information in a digestible and user friendly way. If more people can be reached because of its format, that’s a good thing.