Gameboy Micro not the next 3DS, but this kid thinks otherwise

Andy Robertson’s son saved diligently for a used Gameboy Micro, convinced that it was the next new handheld from Nintendo. It was released in 2005.

I was ready with a whole range of explanations for him once his starry-eyed wonder turned into the realization that this wasn’t in fact a new device at all and was simply a different way to play GBA games. Strangely this never happened.

Perhaps taking pity on my son’s enthusiasm the shop kindly included a couple of games with the console: WarioWare Twistedand Super Mario Advance 2. These, he tells me, are proof that this must be a new device because they are “too good to be on the DS.”

He convinced his classmates of the handheld’s desirousness as well.

The icing on the cake was when he snuck it to pre-school with him (not the hardest thing in the world due to its small size) and got the whole class asking their parents for the new Gameboy Micro for birthday and Christmas presents.

The Gameboy micro is so cute that it’s kind of hard not to want one.