Gamers Against Bigotry targeted by hackers, 1500 pledges erased.

Gamers Against Bigotry, which we posted about just last week, has been the repeated target of hackers since the project was inaugurated.

With the first 200 pledges, came a half dozen hackers finding different ways of exploiting the pledge.  For the past few weeks, this has continued, and the number of attempted and completed hacks has increased into the hundreds.  Attacks have ranged from the simple (making grotesque images pop up in the signatures page, as you see below) to the elegant (making it impossible for new pledgees to sign), but all of the attacks had a few things in common: they were expected, they were childish, and they were temporary and easy enough to fix.

But then someone deleted the database of pledges, erasing all record of the 1500 signatures that had been collected so far. In response, the site reads, “it’s more clear now than ever that this organization is needed.”