Gaming > B-School?

Ever wanted to learn how to run a competitive business without the whole Business School thing, or even have to face the pesky task of having to leave your home? Well boy howdy, have we got a game for you! It’s called “Platform Wars,” and it was developed by MIT’s Sloan School of Management, placing the player in the gaming industry. Good reports:

The simulator has been used for the past four years in business management classes taught by professor John Sterman. A user playing an executive at Nintendo, for example, might be tasked with figuring out how how to help the Wii beat out competition from Microsoft’s XBox. The ultimate goal is to strategize against your competitor to maximize cumulative profit over 10 years. The player has to make all the applicable decisions to win the market-everything from setting the price of the console to determining the royalties video game makers will pay for the right to produce games for the platform.

The game is now available for public download here. Good luck, y’all.


-Drew Millard