This gaming charm bracelet shows that people still have no clue what a wearable game is

The first question to come up with NEX Band, the wearable gaming charm-bracelet coming in 2014, is what the hell is a NEX Band. Well, here goes: The idea is that the charms on the wristband—bearing insignia of a yin-yang, a skull, a soccer ball, and so on—somehow, someway connect with the games you play on your phone. The intent is to bring a real-life collection and swapping element to mobile games, although exactly how this interacts is strictly conceptual.

The field of wearable computing is one we’ve touched on before, and, while endlessly fascinating, we still don’t know how it’ll work. Speaking to Gamasutra about the first charm bracelet that plays games, Adam Adelman of Mighty Cast said, “But we can go even further. If someone is in one of your clans, your charms can start to flicker faster the closer you get.” It seems that the proverbial killer app isn’t here yet, but hopefully this thing can inadvertently make me fashionable while I’m playing Clash of Clans.