GaymerCon promises a fun and inclusive space for geeks of all types.

“Gaming is a common shared experience that helps us escape, educates us and helps to define who we are and want to be.” 

According to their official website, Gaymercon is a new and upcoming videogame and geek-culture convention for LGBTQ and allied communities, which will be hosted on August 3rd and 4th, 2013, in San Francisco. GaymerCon’s Kickstarter, which launched on August 1st, seeks to raise money to secure a great venue and fund the two-day convention, filling it with with panels, booths, competitions, tabletop games, cosplay, live music and more. 

By helping to fund the event, contributors can receive not only tickets to the convention, but stickers, illustrations, VIP passes, and BitRoms (fancy term for gameboy-cartridge bling. awesome.)

Donate to their Kickstarter here, and be gay. Or merry. Or whatever you wanna be!