The Playground Society brings street games to Instagram

The Playground Society has to be one of the noblest, most jubilant societies ever. Their mission is to use mobile technology to foster a sense of playfulness in people’s daily lives, and I don’t think they’re talking about catching a round of Flappy Bird at the stop sign. Rather, by following @PlaygroundSociety on Instagram, you receive open-ended game missions: you’re free to interpret them any way you like. 

For instance, “stacking” would be your cue to stack whatever is in your immediate vicinity (the only thing around me right now are tables and chairs, but stacking them would probably get me thrown out of this coffee shop) and upload a photo of it to Instagram. Points are awarded for completing missions and also if your arrangement of tables is the best. It’s pretty much a social network that revolves around the idea of doing zany stuff in public, which is great.

The grounds are open for play as of yesterday. You can get started here!