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Panoramical (PC, Mac


Forget the “music visualizer” that has been spinning webs of geometry on your PC since the ’90s. Panoramical finally makes it as outdated as dial-up internet or the word “gnarly.” It’s not a fleeting distraction for your boredom but an aperture into ethereal places. Here, music is transformed into bucolic alien worlds that billow into absorbing synesthesia. You can tweak the timbre, tempo, and volume and see hues warp, trees and mountains arise, clouds whiz by and moons arc. You interact as if with a god’s hands and can dwell in the beauty of your creations for as long as you wish. And you will want to, as Panoramical lends itself almost effortlessly to feelings of transcendence through audiovisual majesty. It is no wonder that it evokes on such a great level, either. Not when it is driven by the musical talent behind Proteus and Dyad with Fernando Ramallo’s soft, low-poly distillations of nature.

Perfect for: Vjays, daydreamers, electronic musicians

Playtime: An endless hour