Gods Will Be Watching trailer teases an abundance of pixelated torture

In the latest trailer for Gods Will Be Watching, developers at Deconstructeam beg the question: “Is eating your friends the best way to stay alive, or just easier?” We’re not sure, but it’s been a long winter, so the answer seems pretty relevant. This point-and-click thriller explores moral ambiguity through a backdrop of interstellar espionage. Narrative puzzles are fueled by cut-throat decisions that determine your crew’s survival, from hostage situation to cannibalism. 

The teaser features not one, not two, but three eviscerated kneecaps in the span of fifty-three seconds. Despite the title, Gods Will Be Watching asks you, the player, to pass judgement on what is right and what is wrong. So we’re already prepared to mourn the losses of many other innocent, pixelated kneecaps to come.

An early demo can be found here, with the full release scheduled for June 2014 on PC, Linux, and Mac.