Gone Home gets the retail release treatment, now comes in an old-school SNES box

Our favorite game of last year has unexpectedly gotten a physical release on DVD, which is perfect because one day many years from now your kid can find it on your shelf, boot it up, and have a very strange and metaphysical experience.

Gone Home is a story about a high schooler in the ’90s, and is in part about nostalgia for that era,” creative lead Steve Gaynor tells me. So it’s only natural that the disc is packaged in a rad, old-school, faux Super Nintendo box. For someone like me who grew peach-fuzz while playing 16-bit consoles, that is one hell of a nostalgia trip.

Plus, the retail release comes bundled with a bevy of fun, faux-retro goodies. Inside you’ll find a DIY Riot grrrl poster, a notebook that contains 40 pages of Gaynor’s notes and design documents, and, impressively, a DVD case drawn in the cotton candy-sweet style of Lisa Frank folder art. “Hopefully holding all these objects in your hands feels like you’ve unearthed something that might have been hidden in the back of someone’s closet for decades, and has just now been rediscovered,” Gaynor says. That’s exactly how I felt when I played Gone Home, so this is the ideal companion piece.