Google Street View creates a new type of screen test

Over at Rhizome, Joanne McNeil points to an interesting post on nature of Google Street View with some fun insights on screens.  (We’re really into screens for obvious reasons.):

Lee Friedlander took a series of photographs in the 1960’s that included screens (that were in a 1995 exhibit and subsequent book called “The Little Screens”). In the photos from this era the television is usually a small, glowing box in the corner of a room. Friedlander’s screens almost always have a person, but he moves in closer to capture faces. Friedlander is attracted to those moments where the facade peels back from the relatively new, perfectly sensible electronic communications medium and reveals a 1/125th of a second of raw, unpolished humanity. The GSV photographers, with the exception of Mason, seem to be looking for this same kind of moment.

(Img: Lee Friedlander, Florida, 1963)