In Grave, the only thing scarier than your imagination is what comes out at night

Grave is a game that understands there are multiple kinds of fear. One is more a feeling of anxiety, which you will find in games with eerie surreal landscapes but without much action, or upon entering a Wal-Mart. Then, there is a much more nocuous, immediate kind of fear, where you feel your life is threatened and your fight-or-flight reflexes kick in—also, like entering a Wal-Mart. 

Well, Grave ties both those types of fear in a pretty little bow with its day-night cycle, which actually sounds horrifying and not pretty at all. The way it functions is that during the daylight the desert is bizarre and barren and relatively safe. But when the sun goes down, the freaks come out, and you’d do best to stay in your homestead and cower. It’s much like Minecraft, or any game with a similar dial, but with the intent of scaring you and leaving severe emotional scars. 

The game sounds pretty cool and is set to come to Xbox One, if it survives the final night cycles of its Kickstarter campaign.