How on earth do we get rid of our Xboxes sustainably?

Computers, ipods, and video game consoles provide entertainment and ways to connect with others digitally. But like all physical objects, they wear out and require disposal. Since electronics contain toxic chemicals as well as precious metals, it’s best to recycle them (in some states it’s even illegal to throw away electronics). Household recycling doesn’t usually accept electronics, so it’s up to users to find an appropriate venue for recycling.

Luckily, the Wall Street Journal has an excellent guide to recycling services for electronics. Best Buy will accept most consumer electronics, and may offer gift cards for items that are still resellable. Amazon, HP, Dell, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft also have fairly generous recycling programs, and Microsoft’s accepts old Xboxes. Dell has dropoffs at Goodwill centers where computers may be salvaged and sold. We have multiple free options to recycle our electronics and alliviate our first-world guilt. 

[via the Wall Street Journal] [img]