Grimes’ luscious pop music is now an interactive installation

Experimental pop musician Claire “Grimes” Boucher is a one-lady machine. Not only does the pop songstress compose and write all her own music, she also directs her own music videos and has a steady hand in producing. The fully-realized vision of Grimes is wholly Boucher’s own. Grimes is Grimes, because of Grimes. It only makes sense that the next logical step in the world of Grimes is a step beyond the musical spherean interactive art installation.

Knowing Grimes’ music, it’ll be something wonderfully weird

Grimes will be headlining the North Carolina music, art, and technology festival Moogfest, which will be held May 19-22. Moogfest will have an interactive installation “REALiTi: Inside the Music of Grimes” on display for all the lucky festival attendees. However, Grimes herself has said that she didn’t have any creative input, but “[is] sure it will be great,” according to a recent series of tweets from the innovative singer. The Microsoft Kinect-powered installation will allow visitors to “manipulate the music as they physically interact with the environment,” according to a press release.

grimes installation

Grimes has been involved with the experimental electronic scene since 2009. While a cult-favorite in the scene, she later rose to prominence with her 2012 album Visions, a record that was met with widespread critical acclaim for its unique blend of experimental sounds and pop. After a few throwaway singles (including one originally written for the illustrious Rihanna) and an alleged entire scrapped album, Grimes finally released her Visions follow-up in late 2015, entitled Art Angels. Art Angels is a polarizing record for longterm fans, as Grimes fully embraced her pop-sensibilities and nearly left her experimental past behind. 

Tangible details for the interactive journey through Grimes’ single “REALiTi” remain scarce. As shown in a brief video preview for the installation, visitors gently touch mesh-like walls, inhibiting neon colors and sounds in the enclosed environment. But knowing Grimes’ music, it’ll be something wonderfully weird.

Via Pitchfork

Update 5/19: Grimes recently tweeted that she didn’t have any creative input on the REALiTi installation. The story has been edited to reflect this misunderstanding.