This guide will help you watch Starcraft 2 the right way

Starcraft 2 is one of the biggest e-sports around. If you can’t compete with the best, you can at least watch them. “The Drinking Man’s Guide“, as dubbed by its creator Frank Lantz, can help you get acquanted with the particulars:

Lantz, designer of “cross-media entertainment” and games, and co-founder of Drop7 developer Area/Code, has a surprising passion: competitive StarCraft. Well, watching it, at least. But at the upper echelons of e-sport, simply understanding what you’re seeing on-screen is a skill in itself.

Here, Lantz shares his passion for, and deep knowledge of, Blizzard’s genre-defining RTS in order to help you get the most out of watching high-level players lock horns. This six-part guide is designed to ease you into the daunting world of pro StarCraft and covers the history of the genre, the game’s basics, its popularity in South Korea, choosing the right side for your playstyle, match openings, mid- and late-game phases and how to interpret what’s on screen.