An arcade cabinet restorer creates the light-cycle racing game of our dreams

For us children of the ‘80s who had our young and naive brains dazzled by Disney’s Tron, it doesn’t get much better than a sit-down, light cycle-riding arcade game. Oh, wait. Yes, it does. That’s because this light-cycle racer is VR-enabled, played while sitting on a scrap of wood and welded metal while strapped into a sense-depriving mask—perhaps a bit dangerous, but oh so worth it! 

This wicked invention is the passion project of The Arcade Man, an expert at restoring classic cabinets and pinball tables to beautiful, pristine condition. For aesthetic reasons, and just because motorcycles are far more awesome to ride in arcades than cars, he has opted to go with the redesign of the famous cyberspace cruisers for 2010’s Tron: Legacy. But the game itself is still classic light-cycle battles, cutting zigzag patterns through grids to sling your rivals into neon-colored jet walls.