This handheld gizmo turns urban pollution into cool abstract art

Pollution is all around us, swirling invisibly and sometimes not-so-invisibly through the air in wisps of gasses and dust particles. This is a fairly disgusting consequence of post-industrial living. But Digioxide, an art project by vtol, makes environmental contamination all glitchy and pretty. 

The device, which sort of looks like a Geiger counter wearing Groucho glasses, sniffs out pollution in the streets, noxious stuff like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, methane and propane, and renders the signals into algorithmically-generated abstract art. It’s surprising that pollutants look so aesthetically pleasing. 

Digioxide even has a built-in printer that lets you capture toxicity and print out your colorful art. This may ease your mind that you are standing amidst filth that is probably shortening your lifespan bit by tiny bit. 

Via Prosthetic Knowledge