Happy Thanksgiving from KS!

Happy holidays from Kill Screen! Let’s eat to a full health bar.

Here’s what we’re thankful for:

Jamin Warren: I’m thankful for children.

Richard Clark: I’m thankful that we’re not held responsible for the mistakes of our childhood (and that I never got on national TV when I was a kid).

Jason Johnson: I’m going with the SEC West. My three favorite teams, all from the same division in the same league, are ranked number 1, 2, and 3 in the national polls. 

Jon Irwin: I’m thankful for clean water:

And I’m thankful that, one year for Christmas, I asked for a SNES instead of a TurboDuo. (Loved my TG-16, though.)

Ryan Kuo: I’m still thankful for Berlin.

Lana Polansky: I’m pretty thankful for La Banquise and the poutine they make.

I’m thankful that someone thought of Sharktopus.

And I guess I’m thankful I live in an awesome city with good people and a thriving videogame community: 

Also my friends and family and cat and stuff. And that Arrested Development is being made into a movie.