Harmonix featured alongside Björk and a bunch of cool electronic artists at digital art show

Videogames in museums are nothing new, but usually exhibits with games are exclusively about games and separate from the other art, as if games are relegated to the kid’s table because of the fear they’d make inappropriate fart noises in front of the grown-ups. 

But the Digital Revolution exhibit, opening tomorrow and at the Barbican Centre in London, has games rubbing shoulders with other electronic artists as peers. The work of game designers such as Dance Central and Guitar Hero creators Harmonix will be featured alongside a lot of other cool practitioners in the art space, including works by digital innovators like Björk, electronic composer Amon Tobin, music video director Chris Milk, and the architecture firm Minimaforms, who created those strangely fascinating artificially-intelligent slinky robots, among others. 

The exhibit runs through early September, so if you’re in London, check it out.