Have indie games lost their spark?

In a recent interview, prominent indie developer Jonatan Söderström, better known as cactus, called the creativity and relevance of recent indie games into question. 

I’ve also grown tired of indie games in general, not easily being interested or impressed by what I see posted on blogs. Nothing really feels new anymore and that’s something that has affected me more than anything else, when it comes to game making…

It might just be that indie games have already covered a lot of ground, and finding new ways has gotten a lot harder. Though I do think that we’re living in a time period where people don’t really want to stand out by doing something different, but rather by excelling at something that’s already been established or simply gaining success by riding on the waves of whatever’s popular at the moment.

This year, a whopping 568 “professional” games, and nearly an additional 300 student games, were submitted to IGF, the largest independent game competition.

Maybe indie games are tapped.


-Jason Johnson