Help a whale on stilts find a new watery home

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Flewn (iOS)


Arriving at a topically relevant time, Flewn is about the search for water. More specifically, it is about a whale journeying across the desert on stilts to find a new oceanic home. With its storybook aesthetic, Flewn is less about interactivity and more of a display case for the gorgeous art style and allegorical tale. A long time ago, when the whale watched as disaster destroyed his homeland, he saved as many sea creatures as possible. Now, it’s up to him to find them all a new place to live, as he treks across the most dangerous environment imaginable for a marine animal. Aided by friends like an adorable frog named Frog who flies a unicycopter, Flewn is about taking a leap of faith to find something bigger than yourself. With mechanics similar to Simogo’s narrative iOS games, it mostly consists of side scrolling through the world and meeting colorful characters. However, there’s also a mode from Frog’s perspective, which adds the element of an unwieldy flying machine.

Perfect for: Marine biologists, animators, Simogo fans

Playtime: Twenty minutes