Help filmmakers tell the epic of UK videogames.


WIth the help of their Indiegogo campaign, the documentarians of From Bedrooms to Billions promise to tell the untold story of the Britsh videogames industry, and ultimately help to bridge a gap between traditional broadcast and videogames. 

“It’s a story that really hasn’t been told,” Caulfield says. “It’s a great British story that needs celebrating and needs to be recorded. This is an incredibly important part of UK history that we’re talking about: the rise and, in a funny sort of way, the fall, of the nation’s videogame industry.”

The Caulfields have been making documentaries for 15 years, and in 2008, after finishing a project for the BBC, the pair decided to pitch Bedrooms To Billions as a three-part TV mini-series. “It was extremely difficult,” he admits. “It was the first time we understood there was a gulf between broadcasting and the videogame industry.

[via Edge]