Pledge undying loyalty to Kill Screen and get free stuff

Short version: We’re giving away boatloads of free stuff. Scroll down to enter.

Slightly longer version: Kill Screen has been around for five years. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it. We know we have—so much so, in fact, that we’re pledging to five million more years of it, and we’re asking you to join us by entering into the raffle below. 

No money changes hands here—you fill out as many of the items on the widget below, and each counts as a chance to win. We’ll end up with your email addresses, which, unless you specify otherwise, we’ll only use to contact you with your winnings. Also, check it out: everyone is winning something.

  • All entrants get a free epub of our most recent issue (a $4.99 value).

  • Ten entrants get a free epub of every issue of Kill Screen (a $39.92 value).

  • One grand prize winner gets a full collection of Kill Screen print issues, in hard copy, including the super-rare Issue Zero, from way back when. Only a handful of complete sets of issues exist, and you’ll own it. We’ll also probably throw in a tote bag and some other stuff we have lying around the office. Some of Jamin’s hair, maybe. (Value = priceless? A lot of this stuff isn’t for sale.)

We’ll select the winners randomly and email them at the beginning of September. 

What are you waiting for? Enter below, and reap the rewards in eternity.

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