Help these students create a real-life mecha (sort of)

Like any normal person, I think about piloting a giant robot a lot. I’ve seen Pacific Rim… more than a few times. Titanfall helped me to do that too and for the privilege, I am grateful. However, the University of Minnesota’s Video Game Development Club has something a little more ambitious.

Their 62-person membership is looking for funding for their “
Mecha Simulator Arcade Machine”, a project grander than even the 2002 mecha simulator Steel Battalion. Whereas Steel Battalion just sold you the massive and intricate controller, the Mecha Simulator aims to be a self contained robot piloting pod. Based on a PC flight simulator interface, the Mecha Simulator Arcade Machine would be used for a “two player sit-down…simulator for giant robot combat.” The money will help them buy the (rather serious) tech required to get this thing up and running. A more noble endeavour has yet to grace Indiegogo.