Here are all the ways you can die in David O’Reilly’s Mountain

This post contains spoilers obviously.

Yesterday, something strange happened to me in David O’Reilly’s “relax-em-up” mountain simulator Mountain. I died. This was curious, because, as we’ve noted, Mountain thrives on serenity and peace. Also, you have no control over what the Mountain does, thinks or says.

This opened up a whole can of worms with some speculating that my death at the hands of Fluffy the Destroyer could have been a bug, followed by another actual sighting of the Fluffy itself. Belgian design duo Tale of Tales, who just completed a sucessful Kickstarter for Sunset, provided an additional wrinkle (image above) by showing you could die of infinite pain and sorrow.

But it was Charles Vestal, whose brother Andrew created that amazing You Are Carrying bot on Twitter, did a little sleuthing for us and inspected some of the application bundles inside Mountain itself. Charles pointed out that he doesn’t know how these deaths can occur, but only that they exist. Here’s the list of possible fatalities that he found:

  • You are granted death by The Eye of Annihilation

  • You died by The Arrow of Infinite Pain and Sorrow

  • You have been destroyed by The Eye Of Love Unrequited

  • You have been granted death by The Sun Of Infinite Darkness

  • You have been killed by The Eye Of Blindness

  • You were killed by Fluffy, The Bringer Of Guilt

  • You were destroyed by A Giant Cube From Hell

  • The Taker Of Souls Took Yours.

  • You were killed by The Murderous Dwarf Star

  • You have been killed by a Giant Ice Cream

  • You are ruined by a passing Giant Sun

  • You were annihilated by a Giant XYZZYX

  • You were destroyed by The Icosahedron Of Doom

  • You were killed by the Blood Pyramid

  • You were killed by Rupert, The Bringer Of Ice

  • You were killed by a passing sun

  • A tiny XYZZYX killed you

  • You were killed by a XYZZYX

Blood Pyramid? XYZZYX’s big and small? A 20-side purveyor of doom? Madness, all of it. Again, we don’t know what triggers these, but they’re in there, circling your Mountain, waiting to harm those you love. If you’ve seen these, let us know, and I’ll add it below.