Here are six ways that videogames will save your life.

Videogames have gotten a lot of flack during their short life atop the pop culture totem pole for being terrible for the mental and physical well-being of their players. But amidst all these accusations, the question naturally arises of what you would do if you were attacked by an angry moose. The now famous moose-fighter Hans Olsen would probably tell you to stick to your World of Warcraft instincts:

Luckily for his little sister, Hans is an avid World of Warcraft player. A key strategy in WoW when taking on any kind of huge, overpowered monster is managing the enemy’s “aggro” — that is, intentionally drawing its aggression away from weaker teammates. So, the boy taunted the moose, trying to get it to take its attention off of his sister. It worked like a charm! The moose lost all interest in the girl, but there was only one drawback: It was now charging full speed at Hans himself.

This is usually the part where a full-grown adult shits his pants and wonders whether morticians can repair antler-shaped holes to a corpse’s sternum. But Hans kept his cool. The moose caught up to Hans and headbutted him in the back, striking his backpack. At that moment, Hans realized that he should use a skill that you acquire at level 30 of WoWfeign death. Hans did his best possum impression while the moose sniffed at the boy and eventually lost interest and wandered off to do other asshole moose things.

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[via Cracked]