Here’s the first level of Super Mario Bros., handmade pixel by pixel, in Minecraft.

Minecrafters craft the darnedest things. Above is a replaying of the first level of Super Mario Land in Minecraft, and just, like. Holy jeez. The venerable Engadget reports:

The movie, made by carpenter James Wright, Joe Ciappa and a gamer known as Tempusmori, had the guys running the classic monochrome platformer in an emulator and replicating it pixel-for-wool-block-pixel inside a giant Minecraft Game Boy. The team spent approximately four weeks, working six to seven hours a day with no days off, to create the shots, which were then dropped into a video editor and slowed so each frame displayed for one sixth of a second.

Below, watch the making-of video that gives you a real sense of the painstaking level of detail that went into the project.


-Drew Millard