Hey Kid! Want to Buy Some Explicit Music? Sure. Videogames? Good luck.

No joke, I had a dream last night about having dinner with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Roberts. I asked them when they’d be handing down the Supreme Court decision over whether California can criminalize the sale of violent videogames. They laughed.

I should’ve shared this information: that it’s easier for kids to buy explicit music than violent videogames. Alex Pham at the LA Times reports on the the Federal Trade Commission’s findings:

A sting operation conducted by the Federal Trade Commission between November and January found that 64% of kids were able to buy music CDs with a “parental advisory” label. But when the undercover, underage shoppers tried to buy a video game with a “mature” rating, only 13% slipped through. The other 87% were stopped cold.

For movies, 38% of kids were able to buy an R-rated DVD, while 33% were able to buy a ticket to see an R-rated movie in a theater.

Try and read the whole thing without shaking with rage.

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