Holy jeez, characters in The Last of Us PS4 will look as pretty as they did in PS3 cut-scenes

Hard to believe, I know. But this is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, so: believe. In an interview with Edge, The Last of Us’s creative director Neil Druckmann said on the “gameplay” portions of the port, “We brought in all the hi-res models, and then it’s on par with what you saw in the cutscenes.”

In any other game we might shrug at this boasting of graphical fidelity, but with The Last of Us, this is truly astounding. As visually lush as actually playing The Last of Us was on PS3, the cinematic interludes were a thing of majesty. The developer Naughty Dog takes a lot pride in the lifelike depiction of their computer-generated characters, which my mom would probably passingly confuse for a drama on TNT. I’m now actually looking forward to the port, and anticipating even more how Naughty Dog can push the next generation of hardware with future games. 

Read all about the pains Naughty Dog is going through to make this a reality over at Edge.