The hope and hopelessness of finding a new planet to call home

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Planetarium (PC


Since the beginning of time, human beings have looked up at the stars and wondered about the possibilities. With Planetarium, Daniel Linssen has taken this dream a step further—maintaining the mystery of the unknowable universe while also giving us glances beyond it. You visit different planets by entering certain words or letter combinations into a planet-generator. There’s over a hundred and fifty possibilities, each planet telling its own tale as it spins on outside your control or even influence. An entire subreddit has been sparked by the mystery of Planetarium, with players exploring the galaxy’s limited yet expansive potential. Planetarium reverses our role as an observer of outer space. So instead of looking outward from the inside, we’re on the outside, and must face how truly tiny each individual planet seems in comparison to the rest of the universe.

Perfect for: Carl Sagan, Discovery Channel addicts, wannabe astronauts.

Playtime: Time-space subject to gravitational alterations.