The future is now. Finally, a Mavis Beacon for drinking.

No need to choose between gaming and going to the bar when going to the bar is the game, right?  In a flash of incredible ingenuity, Blogger Morskoiboy constructed, from scratch, a typewriter that mixes drinks based on the words you type.  

The machine includes its own very cool LCD screen (which uses colored syrups instead of liquid crystals) and was built entirely by Morskoiboy using sheets of plastic, syringes, plastic tubing, and presumably some form of wizardry (or possibly mechanical engineering know-how).  

Even cooler than the machine itself was what its creator had to say about his motivations for building it in the first place.  As a completely one-man project, the as-yet unnamed contraption represents a massive display of ingenuity and motivation to actualize what must have at first seemed like a half-baked idea:

…to make a long story short, there came a point when I realized that, for the first time in my life, I was going to build something with my own two hands. So, after a couple months of fine-tuning the communication vessels, I became the sole owner in the world of such a strange piece of work.

While both the machine and the story behind its creation are undeniably fascinating, I can’t help but wonder where this baby was when it was term paper season.

[via Morskoiboy]

-Patrick Lindsey