A checklist on how to avoiding losing your lunch in virtual reality

As someone who has personally experienced the queasy aftermath of virtual reality firsthand, lemme tell you it’s no picnic. For me it was worse than smoking too strong of a cigar, but not as bad as being in rough waters on a fishing boat with a bucket of squid in your face. Somewhere between there. But luckily Ben Lewis-Evans over at Gamasutra has a handy guide instructing players on how to keep simulation sickness at bay. Here are a few pointers:

Be young: If you happen to be young, then good news! You’re more resistant to simulation sickness. 

Looks like I’m screwed there.

Play in a well ventilated, temperature regulated, safe space: Most of the symptoms of simulation sickness are aggravated by poor air and uncomfortable temperatures (particularly heat). 

So, best move your VR helms from your battle-stations.

Play when healthy: If you are feeling sick already, hungover, or particularly drunk/on certain drugs then jumping into a VR experience may not be the way to go. 

That one’s for you, Clayton.

Focus on stable objects on the horizon: Assuming they have been provided it can be helpful if you start to feel sick that you focus on a stable object near the horizon in the game. 

And if all else fails…

Try again: For most people repeated exposure to a VR experience will reduce or remove simulator sickness.

You can check out the complete list here