How to fix The Old Republic’s "gay planet" problem

Makeb is a terrestrial planet with a type-1 atmosphere (breathable), and according to Wookiepedia, was invaded by the fearsome Hutt cartel during the second Galactic war. Fair enough. It’s also the only planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic, on which homosexuality exists. Yes, that’s right, BioWare has coded a gay planet.

Part of the forthcoming Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, Makeb is the extremely unfortunate answer to the question: why can you be gay in basically every other modern BioWare game but not The Old Republic? Rather than write and code non-hetero romance options into the entire game, BioWare stuck them all on one planet. So, besides the obvious symbolic problems, there is the issue of having to pay for an expansion to play as a gay character. 

How to make it right? I have a proposal. Imagine: After a Stonewall riots-style outburst orginating in a rowdy cantina, the residents of Makeb decide to spread gay rights – and the right to be gay – across the galaxy. And you can help them, using the Force, your blaster, your wits, your logic, whatever. Get ahead of the problem, BioWare, and California, Massachussets, Maryland, New York, etc. etc. I want to see two male droids kissing on the courthouse steps of Coruscant!