In the land of free, how much should games cost?

The world is a weird place these days. Up is down, left is right, cats and dogs are now living together in peace. So crazy! Also, Ghostbusters was on the TV of the place we ate at yesterday. Anyways, The Escapist reports that Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon, is calling for all games to be free. Mainly, he is calling for all games to be free because his company makes free games. Take it away, Daniel:

“If your mind is just set on keeping the current model of buy a game for $60, play for 40 hours, buy another game for $60, play for 40 hours, that model I think is eventually going to change,” Kim continued.

“It’s going to have to change. How they will adapt I really don’t know, but I hope that they’re aware enough to understand that the value proposition of free-to-play is not going to go away.”

Like we said, everything is totally crazy. If all games were free, that’d be pretty cool, right?! Unlimited games forever! Though Kim advocates essentially having DLC that’s of value to the player, it’s not hard to envision games existing on a free, ad-supported model similar to TV. That might be so crazy that it’s brilliant.